Puretech is ready to help you provide your employees a clean and safe work environment as they return to the office. We are Platinum rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute which is the highest rating possible and we earned it using our patented process to remove more contaminants from carpet than any other carpet cleaner. Not only is our cleaning process rated the highest, but we do it leaving Puretech, so your carpets stay cleaner longer.

EPA Guidelines

The EPA gives specific guidance on how to properly disinfect an area. They state that incorrectly using a disinfectant may kill the weaker germs, but the more resistant germs survive.
  • Disinfecting a dirty surface
  • Wiping or rinsing the disinfectant off the surface before the recommended dwell(contact) time is over
  • Not using the recommended dilution ratio (not concentrated enough)
  • Using a combination cleaner/disinfectant without first removing the visible dirt from the surface.

These are easy cleaning mistakes to make for a well meaning person but the consequences for cleaning incorrectly can lead to incomplete disinfection. Carpet is a porous surface and can easily hold on to soil and germs, making disinfecting much less effective. At Puretech, we are the experts in cleaning and an essential step towards getting your office clean.

Whether it is a big project or small project, we will provide you with the free on-site estimate when requested. Our maintenance plans make sure that you are getting the best service for the best price.

We will keep your working environment in top shape.

Carpet Cleaning

With traditional cleaning methods, detergents and chemicals are often left behind, which act like magnets for collecting dirt. Since our Pure-tech cleaning process, which includes Pure-Tech, does not use any harsh chemicals, your carpets remain clean and stain-free much longer than any other solution.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and other upholstery are a breeding ground for harmful materials and offensive odors. The Puretech cleaning process includes its revolutionary green cleaning fluid Puretech to eliminate them, thereby restoring the appearance of your furniture.

Rug Care & Walk-off Mat Systems

Our Pure-tech does not use soaps, harsh detergents or shampoos to clean, but instead, our unique process includes an innovative, non-toxic water based cleaning agent that leaves Pure-tech- No residue means cleaner longer! Our process cleans without flooding your carpets with detergents and water, which means short dry times.

Cubicle Cleaning

Pure-tech can assist you in keeping all cubicle spaces in your workplace free of odors and stains.

Tile & Grout

Mopping your floor surface with traditional cleaning products spreads soil around your floor surface, removing only what sticks to your mop or cleaning device. The Pure-tech patented cleaning process includes Zr Clean™️ at high but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. We then can apply our surface sealer to protect and beautify your floor for years to come.

VCT / Vinyl Cleaning & Waxing

Pure-tech offers a remarkable "green" solution to your VCT/Vinyl surfaces, protecting them against harmful substances and keeping them looking their best.

Air Duct Cleaning

Pure-tech thoroughly cleans your air ducts by removing debris and dirt. We then coat the ducts with an application that protects the ducts.

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

Our services range from an intensive hardwood cleaning that will gently remove dirt and grime - leaving your floors clean - to a complete sand and refinish treatment that will take away those deep surface marks and damage.

SteraMist Features

Each product gives you versatile disinfection and decontamination that uses a sole active ingredient of only 7.8% hydrogen peroxide

We work around your schedule. When your office is closed, we clean! Whether it is 5pm or 11pm, it doesn’t matter. We will start working once the building is vacant and ensure that it is ready to go before the start of business the next day.