Following the emergence of Covid-19, global awareness of the need for disinfection expanded considerably. In addition, demand for disinfection and decontamination solutions has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for people to tell the difference between good disinfection goods versus bad disinfection solutions, resulting in confusion and dissatisfaction. SteraMist intends to eliminate any doubts or ambiguity about disinfection goods by demonstrating how it outperforms its competitors.

SteraMist is non-hazardous and has no negative effects on personnel’s health.

EPA The sole active ingredient in Registered SteraMist BIT Solution is a low 7.8% hydrogen peroxide, which is non-hazardous to ship and store. SteraMist has no harmful ingredients that are very corrosive and hazardous, allowing for faster aeration after use and longer storage times. There is no need to combine anything because the solution is ready to use. Because the BIT Solution is non-hazardous, it safeguards both the environment and the applicant.

SteraMist has a 6-log kill rate against a variety of diseases, which itself is industry-leading, disinfection logs’s

Against some of the most difficult microbials to disinfect, SteraMist can achieve a 6-log kill. SteraMist is a universal solution for disinfecting pathogens and germs, inactivating viruses, reducing cross-contamination, and adding to the mold and mildew treatment process. SteraMist has been EPA-registered and third-party tested, confirming its efficacy against a number of possible risks. Although certain disinfection technologies, such as UV and traditional cleaning, can produce a 3-4 log kill, SteraMist goes the extra mile to provide a reduction that is multiple times stronger, effective against a wider range of possible risks, and easier to execute.

SteraMist Has a Micron Size That Allows for Complete Covering of All Areas.

SteraMist’s competitors are currently forced to use technology that produces micron sizes of 100 or greater. SteraMist has a micron size of 0.03 microns, allowing it to disinfect even the most difficult-to-reach spaces and locations, assuring greater efficacy against infections and removing the need to remove various equipment from a space. Choose SteraMist if you want effective, easy-to-use disinfection that can sanitize all of the incredibly small spaces found throughout a room.

To Its Non-Corrosive Nature, SteraMist Has a Wide Range of Material Compatibility.

SteraMist disinfects a room completely without requiring the removal of sensitive electronics, other gadgets, or furniture. Although other rivals, such as electrostatic sprayers and chlorine dioxide, are incompatible with electronics, SteraMist is, removing the need to remove sensitive equipment from a disinfected area. SteraMist’s increased material compatibility makes it easier to use while also giving you piece of mind that SteraMist won’t harm any of the materials in the room.

SteraMist Disinfects In a Quick and Efficient Manner.

SteraMist destroys bacteria spores, mold spores, and viruses quickly and without the need for wet contact time. The current contact time for SteraMist is stated as “a minimum contact time of 7 minutes for the surface to dry,” which is the amount of time required to remove the equipment from a room.

As previously stated, SteraMist has a number of advantages over its competitors. SteraMist’s revolutionary technology allows it to be superior in all areas of disinfection, whether it’s speed, greater efficacy, material compatibility, or beneficial micron size.

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