Schools are meant to be a safe place for students, teachers, and visitors alike. Unfortunately, the use of traditional cleaning solutions can create unsafe environments that may cause health problems and other issues. This is why it’s important to invest in fog treatments like SteraMist®. The benefits of using this technology include increased safety, reduced absences, positive reviews from facility visitors, and more.

Ionized and bleach-free fog treatments are an essential component in the management of a school facility. Not only can they be used to quickly disinfect surfaces, but also to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the building. With so many people coming into contact with surfaces each day, it’s important for schools to take precautions against cross-contamination. The SteraMist® system is designed specifically for this purpose.

One of the benefits of fog treatment is that it’s quick and easy to use. In just a few minutes, you can have the entire school treated and ready for use. This is important in cases of emergency, such as when there has been a confirmed case of a contagious disease. It’s also great for regular cleaning, as it allows the school to make sure that surfaces are clean at all times.

Another benefit of fog treatment is the reduction in illness and absences due to sicknesses like the flu or strep throat. By killing germs on contact, this technology can be used as an additional line of defense against these kinds of illnesses. This not only reduces staff absence but also keeps the students in school, where they can learn.

Positive reviews from visitors are another benefit of using fog treatment in schools. When people come into a facility and see that it’s clean and free of harmful chemicals, they’re more likely to give it a good review. This is important for schools, as they often compete for students with other institutions.

One final benefit of fog treatment is the reduction in overall costs for schools. When you can reduce illness and staff absences, there’s no need to hire additional help or scramble to find replacements. This means that your school won’t have to spend as much money on overhead expenses each year.

These advanced disinfection methods can be used safely within all learning institutions such as colleges & universities, indoor playgrounds, dorm rooms, locker rooms, classrooms, daycare centers, gymnasiums, cafeterias, as well as school adjacent facilities or vehicles such as school buses.

The benefits of using fog treatments for schools are numerous. One of the main benefits is that they help to increase safety overall. The fog will kill germs on contact before they can spread to other surfaces and people, reducing the risk of illnesses. Visitors are more likely to give good reviews when they see that the school is clean and has less chemicals that could be harmful. Schools will save money by not having to hire new staff members when the illness rate goes down due to these fog treatments. To learn more about how to get started, talk to the experts using SteraMist® today.