The Benefits of Ionized and Bleach-Free Fog Treatment for Schools

Schools are meant to be a safe place for students, teachers, and visitors alike. Unfortunately, the use of traditional cleaning solutions can create unsafe environments that may cause health problems and other issues. This is why it’s important to invest in fog treatments like SteraMist®. The benefits of using this technology include increased safety, reduced […]

SteraMist® – The Advanced Disinfection Solution

SteraMist® is a new and highly effective cleaning and disinfectant method. It was developed specifically for hospitals, healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics, schools, daycares and other environments where infection control is critical. This state of the art technology is now available for keeping your home or workplace pristine. SteraMist® has been registered with the EPA as […]

The Five Elements of an Effective Cleaning and Disinfection Process

Maintaining a clean and disinfected environment is critical for any business. Not only does it help keep your employees healthy, but it also helps protect your customers and your reputation. In order to ensure that any cleaning and disinfection process is effective, you need to make sure that you are using the right elements for […]

Outclassing the Competition with SteraMist

Following the emergence of Covid-19, global awareness of the need for disinfection expanded considerably. In addition, demand for disinfection and decontamination solutions has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for people to tell the difference between good disinfection goods versus bad disinfection solutions, resulting in confusion and dissatisfaction. SteraMist intends to eliminate any doubts or […]

Getting Rid of Spores

Dangerous Spores: What Causes Them? Natural disasters are among the most destabilizing and devastating events that can occur anywhere on the planet. Some can be anticipated, while others strike without warning. As a result, it’s critical that rescuers have access to cutting-edge technologies that can assist safeguard the long-term health of both the victims of […]

The Bird Flu Outbreak Is Rapidly Spreading.

The 2015 avian flu outbreak was the most costly animal health disaster in US history, costing the government approximately $1 billion in removal and disposal costs (AP news 2022). The crisis also resulted in a significant spike in the price of eggs, chicken, and other bird-based products, as the availability of these items reduced as […]